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“At ZOLL LifeVest, we have been for the last 15 years creating the market for the wearable cardiac defibrillator. The growth has been really strong, but we continued to face a couple of key challenges in scaling up and sustaining our field sales organization. First, like every sales organization, we needed trained and competent reps as we expanded. Second, we needed to make sure that when we had attrition that we had a ‘bench’ of qualified talent ready to step into open territories to protect and grow our business. We had decided that it was a better strategy to grow that talent internally rather than to try to find it on the open market each time. 


A friend and mentor recommended Rep-Lite to me. Once we understood their history in the space, they were an obvious choice for us. Rep-Lite helped to create the territory associate program for our sales team, and they did so in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their track record of creating these programs at other top med device companies along with their ability to take the HR risk out of the hiring equation convinced us to give them a shot. And we have been very pleased with the results. The TA’s that Rep-Lite has recruited are talented, driven, and hungry. As evidence of this, we have already promoted, in the first six months of our relationship with Rep-Lite, a couple and will certainly be promoting more in the future.


We look forward to moving ahead for years to come with our Rep-Lite partnership.”

Bob Greene, VP of Sales East U.S.  
ZOLL LifeVest