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PhotonBlade Case Study

Innovative on-demand sales model shatters growth record for medical device company. 

When you combine technology and innovation, it’s easy to see how the market of electrosurgical devices would cross 72 billion by 2026. PhotonBlade, one of the most intuitive and efficient electrosurgical devices in the field, experienced just that with a surge of growth after the implementation of Rep-Lite®’s on-demand sales model.


PhotonBlade is a premier, state-of-the-art electrosurgical device with illumination that delivers flawlessly precise energy with low thermal spread. PhotonBlade consistently works in favor of physicians and its patients. Still, the issue at hand stemmed from a lack of sales resources and its territory coverage, competitive threats, and crowded space, not to mention the need for sales representatives in the room with surgeons.

PhotonBlade Case Study