Rep-Lite | Our Why

The History It all started some 30 years ago. Minimally invasive procedures were relatively new to the surgical environment. These procedures were and are game-changers in the treatment of patients requiring certain surgical interventions. The issue in the early days was that these valuable ...

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IFAH 2019 Conference Award: Top 100 Healthcare Leaders

We received a lot of incredible nominations this year, and choosing the top 100 awardees was a very tough job for our judging committee.

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Are We Ready to Say Goodbye to Sales Reps in Medical Device?

When you’re wheeled in for a hip or a spinal fusion surgery, you’ll see a team of people in surgical masks and scrubs.

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The Rep-Less Sales Model? Not Yet. Rep-Lite? Totally Different Story

Countless articles and blogs have been written about the “Rep-Less” Medical Device Sales Model and will it or won’t it work.

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