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How can we improve your vendor relations & patient outcomes?

A survey conducted by researchers at New York’s Albany Medical College found that 88% of 43 device reps said they had provided verbal instructions to a doctor during surgery, while 37% had participated in a surgery in which they felt their involvement was excessive, often because the surgeon lacked sufficient expertise.

Not Your Average Business Partner

While we wish we could simply compare ourselves to our competitors to help you see if we’re right for you, what we do is so unique and unprecedented that we don’t even have any true direct competitors! Here are a few of the key reasons that some of the nation’s largest & highest-rated medical device companies and healthcare facilities are partnering with Rep-Lite to improve efficiency and quality while reducing costs.


Reduce Costs

When you purchase medical devices, you’re not just paying for the equipment. You’re also paying for all the costs involved in the sales and ongoing support process. For some, it may make more sense to work with manufacturers who use a contracted rep model. Using this model, Rep-Lite helps reduce costs by providing dedicated sales & support reps for your facilities. Since our reps represent only one manufacturer and manage geographically small territories, manufacturers are able to save on travel and overhead costs and pass the savings along to you.  

Increase Efficiency

With almost 30 years in the healthcare industry, we’ve crafted a specialized medical manufacturer support service that solves the challenges faced by care providers. We’ve seen the inefficiency that healthcare professionals face when having to structure their daily routines around a multitude of field reps and vendor sales and support teams. Though an integral component of healthcare, these reps have often been unfairly blamed for procedural inefficiency. Our unique model & dedicated reps will revolutionize your practice.

Improve Outcomes

With everyone looking to cut costs these days, we understand the temptation to remove medical device sales and support reps from your patient care areas. However, studies have shown that when they’re present during procedures, their extensive and ongoing training significantly increases patient outcomes. With their expertise, you can prevent injuries and negligence that that carry the risk of punitive damages. Our streamlined structure allows for the preservation of time and resources so you can function without disruption.

Our Solution

Reconsider Rep-less

The current healthcare and surgical environment is continuing to pressure hospitals to reduce costs because every dollar saved drops straight through to their bottom line. The inevitable is happening as hospitals increasingly move towards a rep-less model or using contract reps to reduce costs and overall traffic in the O.R.

Questions to Ponder

Before a hospital can go rep-less, they must be able to consider many factors. Here are some of the most essential:

  • Will patient outcomes be equal to or better with a new model?
  • Will the monthly savings generated be sufficient to warrant the change and is it sustainable?
  • What challenges must be anticipated and then overcome when the hospital goes to a contract model?
  • How will the change affect the culture within the O.R.?
  • Can the incentives be aligned properly to create a win-win environment?

Contracted Reps

There are several major benefits in contracting medical device sales reps in the O.R. They can:

  • Provide guidance to operating room staff in using medical equipment – observe procedures, calibrate devices, provide instructions
  • Bring implants to the OR before a procedure
  • Provide live technical expertise
  • Can help hospitals and facilities with safety and liability issues as they train doctors before and during surgical procedures
  • Offer information about new and improved products
  • No need to pay ‘selling, general and administrative’ (SGA) costs as part of the device cost. Those costs can make up nearly 40% of the price.
  • Better monitoring and management – with the Rep-Lite model, our dedicated reps are available for support whenever you need further assistance or troubleshooting.
  • Improve clinical quality through greater standardization in the devices used, since our reps don’t carry multiple lines.

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