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Benefits of the Rep-Lite Model

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De-Risk Hires


Rep-Lite provides professional sales and service personnel for healthcare companies. These contracted sales professionals work directly for Rep-Lite and we take care of sourcing, interviewing, background services, and on-boarding. Although they report and are managed as if they were your direct full-time employee, we assume the payroll responsibility and operate as your contractor.

Unlike traditional recruiting agencies, there are no signing bonuses, no relocating fees, no onboarding expenses, and no 15-30% recruiting fees. In fact, at any point in time, should you not be 100% satisfied with one of our Rep-Lite personnel, we will replace them at no expense to you, our valued customer. Additionally, at any time during the contracted period you can convert your Rep-lite sales or service professional to a direct employee at a nominal charge. 

Find Talent


Rep-Lite offers an exciting new program, even for companies based outside of the United States who wish to immediately break into the U.S. Healthcare market, without the time and expense involved in building a direct sales team. The Rep-Lite sales team is not an ad-hoc compilation of independent sales representatives who carry multiple lines.

We provide only a team of experienced, highly qualified, trained sales and service professionals who are dedicated to your product line and achieving your sales and distribution objectives. This team, led by an experienced sales manager, reports directly to you and provides updates, key account appointments and reporting protocols developed by you, our valued customer. Rep-Lite is a first-of-its-kind sales solution that quickly builds a brand and market presence for a fraction of the time and expense.

Reduce Costs


Every company experiences attrition. Some attrition is healthy, but most all attrition (good and bad) is costly to an organization. There are many obvious indicators of these costs but there are some that are not as obvious. This model points out just some of the associated costs that a company will experience from attrition. There are many more “soft” costs that are not as easily defined. We at Rep-Lite help our partners to drive these costs to a much lower level while increasing revenue.

Not Your Average Business Partner

While we wish we could simply compare ourselves to our competitors to help you see if we’re right for you, what we do is so unique and unprecedented that we don’t even have any true direct competitors! Here are a few of the key reasons that some of the nation’s largest & highest-rated medical device companies and healthcare facilities are partnering with Rep-Lite to improve efficiency and quality while reducing costs.

Less Disruption to Workforce

Not only does turnover cost valuable time and perhaps extra overtime salary during the vacancy, but it may also cost you the remaining employees who are worn thin bearing the workload in the months it takes to hire a replacement. Our on-demand reps are the solution you’ve been looking for. Your team will thank you.

Full, Broad Talent Pipeline

Since sourcing and hiring quality talent is what we do every day, we have access to tools and resources that keep our talent pipeline constantly full.  We handle the sourcing, initial interviews and onboarding. Read about our process here. Imagine your staffing process taking days instead of months.

You Choose Your Markets

Unlike most medical device sales and service professionals, our reps don’t carry multiple lines or represent multiple accounts or clients. Instead, we’ll help you define your market and serve them well with dedicated reps. Protect your reps from burnout and improve quality of service for your clients. It’s a win-win all around.

Our Offerings

Standard Offering

Rep-Lite offers contracted sales and service teams for medical companies. We place talented professionals into a variety of roles based on our client’s  unique needs. Rep-Lite does all the sourcing, interviewing and on-boarding of the team members. This provides several benefits:
  • Reduction of cost and time to build a team
  • Our employees represent your brand, not Rep-Lite
  • Rep-Lite allows our clients to directly hire from Rep-Lite at any time, though there’s no obligation to
  • View and test performance prior to directly hiring (if desired)
  • Rep-Lite carries the employees as W-2 employees
  • Rep-Lite personnel only focus on the client’s products (they do not carry multiple lines)

On-Demand Sales

Rep-Lite offers an on-demand sales team for international companies desiring to enter the U.S. healthcare space. Rep-Lite builds out the entire team so you can have market coverage starting on day one. This allows companies to bring technology into the U.S. without the pain of developing a direct team. Some of the benefits include:
  • We provide tenured management teams
  • We provide coverage in your desired market areas 
  • Rep-Lite provides all logistical support for the U.S.
  • Rep-Lite creates brand awareness for clients in U.S.
  • Rep-Lite provides all the benefits of a direct sales team for a fraction of the expense

Double Your Sales Efficiency