Medical Sales Rep Solutions

De-risked Medical Sales Talent on Contractual Basis.

Ready to reduce costs while enhancing patient care and outcomes?

Advantages of the Rep-Lite Model

Whether you select a hybrid approach or a single model approach, our solutions benefit your bottom line.

De-risk Hires

  • Contracted sales professionals work directly for Rep-Lite where all the sourcing, interviewing, background services, and we manage on-boarding.

  • We assume payroll responsibility and operates as your contractor but the sales rep reports and is managed as if they were your direct full-time employee.

  • No sign-on on bonuses, relocating fees, onboarding expenses, or 15-30% recruiting fees.

  • 100% satisfied guarantee or we will reassign at no additional expense.

On-Demand Sales Force

  • First-of-its-kind sales solution that quickly builds a brand and market presence for a fraction of the time and expense.

  • Servicing North America and International locations

  • Rep-Lite model provides for top-quality talent faster than the in-house hiring process does. 

  • We provide highly qualified, trained sales, and service professionals who are dedicated to your product line and achieving your sales and distribution objectives - FAST!

Reduce Attrition Costs

  • Rep-Lite helps our partners drive attrition costs down while increasing revenue.

  • This model points out just some of the associated costs that a company will experience from attrition.

  • There are many more “soft” costs that are not as quickly defined.

  • Travel, loss of productivity, distribution of work, loss and an employee are just to name a few.

Medical sales staff chatting

Work Smarter, Not Harder.

Traditional methods that worked decades ago, or even just 5 years ago, to commercialize products, no longer work. The greatest in product innovation and technology requires management of cashflow, de-risking processes,  increasing sales performance, and improving procedures and outcomes. The Rep-Lite solution offers innovative, on-demand, outsourced options customized to your personal objectives and needs.

Unique Solutions for Individual Needs

Choose from a variety of Rep-Lite models customized for your business objectives.

Domestic Solutions

Rep-Lite offers contracted sales and service teams for medical companies. We place skilled professionals into a variety of roles based on our client’s unique needs.

All the sourcing, interviewing, and Rep-Lit completes onboarding of the team members providing several benefits:

  • Decrease in cost and time to build a team

  • Our employees represent your brand, not Rep-Lite

  • We allow clients to directly hire from Rep-Lite at any time, though there’s no obligation to

  • The choice to view and test performance before directly hiring ( if applicable )

  • Rep-Lite carries employees as W-2 employees

  • Rep-Lite personnel only focus on the client’s products

International Solutions

Looking to enter the US market? Rep-Lite offers an on-demand sales team for international companies seeking to enter the U.S. healthcare space.

We build out the entire team so you can have market coverage starting on day one.

This allows companies to bring technology into the U.S. without the pain of developing a direct organization. Some of the benefits include:

  • Tenured management teams

  • Coverage in your desired market areas

  • We provide all logistical support for the U.S.

  • Generated brand awareness for clients in the U.S.

  • We provide all the benefits of a direct sales team for a fraction of the cost

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