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It all started some 30 years ago.

Minimally invasive procedures were relatively new to the surgical environment. These procedures were and are game-changers in the treatment of patients requiring certain surgical interventions.

The issue in the early days was that these valuable procedures were very disruptive to the clinical staff. Most of the clinicians had never had any experience with monitors, scopes, cameras, RGB cords, etc. This was putting these live-saving procedures at risk of not becoming mainstream.

We felt as if we had a great remedy: What if we inserted a person in these operating rooms who had experience with technology? So, we tested it. The combination of highly skilled doctors, nurses, and allied health personnel with the addition of a person who was very versed in this new technology proved to be amazing in every aspect.

The number of patients that could be served by this team had triple-digit growth in every place we launched the program. The clinical staff was learning, and the technologists were as well. Minimally invasive surgical procedures were now being positioned as the gold standard for thousands of different surgical procedures. The clinical staff and hospital administrators were pleased that the patient outcomes, financial stability, and long-term forecast of these procedures were no longer a dream but a true reality.

Medical device manufacturers were also pleased and excited. They had folks that were representing their products well both from a clinical knowledge standpoint as well as a sales perspective.

This caused these companies to explode with research and development of new products/technology that would not only drive their market share but, more importantly, treat patients with amazing outcomes.

The Why

We took a gamble and it paid off for everyone. We knew there was a need. If you were in the operating room some 30 years ago, you know the above story.

We continued to see caregivers and the medical device manufacturers flourish—outcomes and growth.

We knew if we started and stuck with three characteristics this would be a viable solution for the unforeseen future. Integrity, energy, and intelligence are our minimum requirements with each and every employee at Rep-Lite. If a person carries these attributes and has a strong desire to help people heal, then we want to talk to them. We have been very fortunate to have hired and worked with more than 3,500 people in our 30 years.

It is important to gain an understanding of what drives a person when thinking about hiring them. Résumés, interview skills, professionalism, and credentials are all important, but we have found that the fire that drives them will outlast all other qualities.

We are proud of everyone who has historically been on our team as well as our current team members—they all have “it.”

Rep-Lite Today

We will continue to use the same approach to find talented individuals. We work with manufacturers in every vertical of the medical community. We offer many different positions—everything from sales representatives and associate sales representatives to clinical specialists, field service technicians, product launch specialists—the list is endless.

We employ these individuals and contract with our clients. All of our folks can become eligible to be a direct hire of our client if certain criteria are attained. Some of our clients use this feature and some don’t and both of those are okay.

We provide our clients with the ability to scale, build, pivot, and reduce attrition while driving market share. We do this while reducing costs and lowering the risks.

Ready to learn more? www.rep-lite.com | email: info@rep-lite.com | Phone: 1-404-721-0609

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