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Acquire sales representatives, sales associates, and service personnel while lowering your cost of sales. Innovation in the medical sales industry!

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Rep-Lite’s On Demand Sales Program

Increase your market share with our complete, on-demand “back office” support (incl. purchase order management, shipping logistics, demand planning and complete documentation control).

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FAQs: The Rep-Lite Model Explained

Saul Marquez, Founder of Outcomes Rocket podcast, interviews Rick Barnett, Founder of Rep-Lite, regarding their revolutionary approach to medical device sales & service.

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No More Sales Reps in Med Device

We provide service, sales, and support to med device manufacturers, which allows them to do what they’re supposed to do – sell – while we service & support the devices.

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Articles & Awards

Are We Ready to Say Goodbye to Sales Reps in Medical Device?

Saul Marquez, Founder

Outcomes Rocket Podcast

IFAH 2019 Conference Award: Top 100 Healthcare Leaders

Rick Barnett, Founder | Rep-Lite

International Forum on Advancements in Healthcare

What's Being Said About Us

Expert Testimonial

Rep-Lite is able to de-risk the hiring process while offering a strategic operational efficiencies. Anyone looking to compete in today’s cost conscious age of healthcare should consider Rep-Lite for paradigm shifting business models that produce results.

Saul Marquez, Founder

Outcomes Rocket Podcast

Client Testimonial

Mark is “Johnny on the spot” with myself and our customers.

For example, yesterday a large account had equipment break down. I called Mark early in the morning and he switched his entire day around to make sure this account’s issue was fixed and he could clean their carts. The OR manager texted me immediately and thanked me profusely for Mark jumping on their issue so quickly.

He’s honest, reliable, and I can always count on him. I’ve asked him to meet me at unrealistic early hours of the morning and also stay late and he is always there.

Thanks, Mark, for all you do for us. I would be lost without you. There is no doubt you play a large part in our success here in the Bay area.

Sales Representative, Current Client

Public Comment

Rick Barnett is one of the most innovative minds in our industry because he understands how to align the needs of the patient, the payer, and the provider. This is a very interesting model that removes a lot of litigation and regulatory risk. I can imagine payers literally buying into this company to ensure that technology is used prudently and on-label. Same goes for hospitals and IDNs, HMOs... Kaiser?

Michael Tar, Senior Product Development Strategist at NAMSA

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