Territory Sales Associate

Looking to hire a territory sales associate for a medical or pharmaceutical role? We are here to determine exactly who out there would make the best fit.

Not only do we analyze a variety of factors to help place the perfect long or short-term territory sales associate for you, we also typically place our sales reps within 4 weeks. Working with the country’s top talent, we have access to the best. We are here to help connect you with these people.

Why choose us to help you hire your territory sales associate for the medical field?

We use a hybrid approach. Not like the cut-and-dry ones of the days of old. Getting to know you and your company, we take all factors into consideration when choosing the person who will work for you.

How It Works

We take on a large portion of the responsibility, performing applicant screenings, interviews, and background checks. However, you maintain complete control over the employee. And, if you don’t feel they are a great fit, we will replace them at no cost to you. Our aim is to minimize financial risk to you so that the hiring process becomes as easy and stress-free as possible, freeing up time so you can focus on other things during your day.