The World Series

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We live in Atlanta, so we are pulling for the Braves! Both teams are wildly talented and fun to watch play the game.

Here is an interesting aspect: both teams have pulled players from their minor league programs to play in the World Series.

So, one day a player is in Small Town, USA and the next he is playing in baseball’s championship, unbelievable! How does this work? It’s because these players are already in the team’s organization, they know the professional team’s playbook and strategy. So, when they are called up from the minor league team, they are “plug and play.” What an amazing resource!

Question – so why isn’t this same exact strategy used for sales teams?

I think the most common reason is – “Our company can’t afford sales associates” or “they don’t provide value.”

Just like the minor leagues – the players provide value to the small-town teams that they play in each night, with revenue and local entertainment.

Sales teams that use an Associate Program post a quota attainment number 82% higher than those who don’t. And they have double digit growth versus those companies.

Knowing all this, how can you not afford to have a junior sales program?

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